Best Christmas Gnomes for 2022

Christmas Gnomes are a fabulous Christmas decoration treat and will add happiness and your cheer to your home at Christmas time.

Over the years there have been many different Christmas decoration trends. We’ve had pineapple based decorations and christmas trees of all colours, to name a few.

Christmas Gnomes
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But the hot Christmas decorating trend of 2021, and likely to be a trend in Christmas 2022, is Christmas Garden Gnomes. But where did they come from?

It all dates back to Scandinavia many years ago where people believed that creatures known as elves were actually house gnomes warding evil away from the home. The elves took care of you if you were good but tended to play tricks on you if you were bad.

Elves\House Gnomes were always linked to magic and mystery but by the mid-1800’s their true nature had started to be realised. They existed simply to help Father Christmas through his heavy task each year. The tradition of Christmas Elves came about.

And to this day the nisse and tomte remain a bright and happy addition to Scandinavian homes at Christmas.

Let’s look at some to make our homes bright and cheerful too.

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You’ll love ’em!

Handmade Swedish Tomte Christmas Gnomes

Handmade Swedish Tomte Gnome
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This lucky Tomte or Gnome is based in Scandinavian folklore. He is old, happy, and wears a long beard. This happy Santa Clause guards your home and protects the house, garden, family, and children from misfortune.

Each Swedish tomte is handmade with LOVE by AIRLAB to an original design. Every one is unique and comes made with a lot of love. 3 colors to choose from, gray, red and green.

Total length from the foot to the end of the elongated pointed cap is about 40cm.
The body and the hat are made of gray / red / green soft felt, filled with sand for weighting, so these figures sit perfectly and do not fall over. The wire inside his cap allows you to bend it in different directions.

They come in a specially designed and beautiful festive packaging. It’s a great gift for Christmas and all other celebrations.

Or keep it for yourself and put this Christmas angel in your porch, under the Christmas tree or decorate the nursery with it. This cute and sweet gnome brings good luck to your home, garden, family, and children.

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13 Piece Plush Christmas Gnomes Set

13 Pieces Christmas Plush Gnome Set, Include Christmas Long Leg Plush Gnome Decor Shelf Gnome Xmas Decor, 12 Pieces Tree Hanging Santa Elf Decor Gnome Plush Doll Hanging Ornament for Home Christmas
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In this great package you will receive 1 plush Christmas gnome with long legs and 12 pieces tree hanging Santa elf decorations, 13 pieces in total.

The Xmas long legs plush gnome decoration has an attractive appearance, a gnome with a white beard, wearing red clothes and gray shoes, and the other 12 pieces hanging felt decorations have white beards and red top hats

The shelf Xmas gnome is made of quality felt, plush, fiber, and the small Xmas felt hanging gnomes are made of fabric, the hanging ropes are made of polyester ribbon, which are soft and safe and should last you many years.

The gnome with the long legs is approx. 18 x 4 inches, and the size of each Christmas tree hanging decoration is approx. 6 x 2.55 inches.

All the gnomes are dressed in traditional christmas red and white, and they all sport long white gnome beards.

Decorate your tree like a boss with these fantastic plush xmas gnomes.

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Plush Mini Handmade Santa Cloth Figurine

Plush Mini Handmade Santa Cloth Figurine
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These delightful Christmas gnomes are 7.5 inches tall and 4.33 inches wide.

Each of the three gnomes are handmade. their body and hats being made of soft brown felt. They have wool for a nose, fibre fur makes up their beards and they have a weight in their bottom that helps them stay upright.

The package consists of three Santa gnomes in different styles so you can pick and choose which one to use as you decorate your house ready for the Xmas festivities.

They are very plush figurines that put forward a very traditional gnome image to brighten up your home at christmas.

They would also be an ideal Christmas gift for a relative or friend and would help them bring the festive spirit into their home for Christmas, or Thanksgiving if you live in the US.

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10 Tree Hanging Christmas Gnomes Ornaments

10 Christmas Tree Hanging Gnomes Ornaments
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These Christmas Gnomes tree decorations will be a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree.

They can not only decorate the Christmas tree, increase the cheerful festive mood, but also bring happiness and joy to the family.

Each hanging dwarf is handmade from environmentally friendly materials, so there are some differences in size and weight between the two hanging dwarfs. Their beautiful appearance is very popular with children, and they are also a good choice for children’s gifts.

The hat is 5.7 centimetres high and 2.2 centimetres wide from bottom to top, and the length of the lanyard is 4.7 centimetres. The body of the figure and the hat are made of soft felt, the nose of plush, the beard of white fibre and the high hat for posing.

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Large Scandinavian Christmas Gnome Tree Topper

Large Scandinavian Gnome Christmas Tree Topper
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This unique Scandinavian Christmas decoration dwarf is known as tomte or nisse. The Swedish Tomte has been carefully sewn with attention and love. It has a spring inside so that it can be compressed for easy storage between Christmases.

The Scandinavian Christmas dwarf can be used as a Christmas tree decoration, a perfect way to decorate your tree. The fun and festive design will add joy and a creative touch to your home decoration during the Christmas season. These tree decorations will certainly look charmingly elegant year after year!

This Christmas dwarf wears a red/grey 25 inch high from bottom to top, 9 inch wide suit. His high traditional hat made of fibre fur hides his eyes and ears safely from the cold. The long white beard made of fibrous fur and the plush nose are well known characteristics of this cunning dwarf. Unique decoration for table, desk, bookcase, sofa, dining table and everywhere!

A Christmas dwarf will bring you joy and good mood and will give every interior an atmosphere of cosiness and fairytale charm. Put one on your desk to bring a little whimsical cheerfulness to your office. Each gnome plush is absolutely charming and will conquer the heart of every gnome lover.

This enchanting plush gnome is traditionalist and perfect for spreading holiday cheer and bringing happiness to the whole family. Put it on the table or decorate it as a Christmas tree ornament. It would be the festive addition to your home decoration.

It would also make a perfect Christmas gift or for the Thanksgiving holidays.

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2 piece Plush Grey Christmas Gnomes set

Jieyunran 2Pcs Christmas Gnomes Decorations Set Handmade Santa Gnome Plush Ornaments Christmas gonk Dwarf Elf Household Felt Decoration Ornaments Valentine Day Thanksgiving Day Gift (Short legs Gnome)
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In folklore, farmhouse gnomes guard their houses and protect people from misfortune. They can bring good luck to the family and are seen as elves who bring happiness, love and health to the home.

Place these plush Christmas gnomes – one male and one female – in any room or area of your home such as desk, kitchen table, sofa, living room, bookcase, shelf, dining table, bedside table and decorate it beautifully.

It can also be used as Christmas tree topper hanging decorations.

The body and cap are made of soft felt, fibre white beard and fabric for posing. Small gnome figurine features weighted bottom for extra stability, makes him able to stand on his own. Their height is approx 30cm.

This adorable Gnome Plush Figurine Set would make a perfect traditional gift for family, friends and clients. Brilliant gift for Christmas and a great gift for a gnome collector.

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Make your own Scandinavian Gnome

Finally, if you don’t like any of these gnomes, or if you want a totally unique Christmas Gnome, follow this video.


3 Pack 11.4 inch Scandinavian Nisse Nordic Gnomes

3 Pack 11.4 inch Scandinavian Nisse Nordic Gnomes
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The gnome is an excellent icon for spreading the traditional spirit. In folklore, the Swedish gnome guards the house and protects people from misfortune. He brings good luck to the family and is considered a lucky charm. You can use Tomte gnomes to tell stories and bring joy to your children.

11.4 centimetres high from bottom to top and 3.14 centimetres wide. Set of 3 Christmas dwarfs. Perfect size for most Scandinavian Christmas decorations. The knitted cap of the Christmas gnomes contains a wire and you can place them anywhere you like. The base is weighted so that it cannot easily tip over.

All Christmas gnomes are handmade from environmentally friendly materials. They are really popular with people of all ages and also make a great choice as a Christmas present.

The enchanting Christmas dwarf decoration is a unique gift for everyone during the holiday season and for birthdays. The delicate appearance and the suitable size of the Christmas dwarfs make them an indispensable decoration for your Christmas tree, yard, table, shelf, fireplace, etc. The plush of the dwarfs adds a fun and festive touch to Christmas.

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Gnome Village Christmas Candle Arch

Gnome Village Christmas Candle Arch
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If you are looking for a gnome related Christmas ornament that will really catch peoples eye and prompt conversation, get this Gnome Village Christmas Candle Arch.

It is a high quality Wichtel House Collection piece, decorated lovingly and presenting a pretty gnome village. It contains a number of winter figures and the base lights up to provide a beautiful mood scene worthy of the christmas decorations of any home.

Buy it for yourself or give it as a christmas gift to someone you love.

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Christmas Gnomes Summary

Christmas gnomes were THE trend in 2019 & 2020 as they are so cute, cuddly and look so good in the home.

Join the Christmas Gnome 2021 trend as people will surely buy them and lovingly install them in their Christmas tableaux.

I hope you enjoyed my curated collection of Christmas Gnomes.  If you did, leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

PS – Also check out my other gnomes, such as rude garden gnomes, large garden gnomes, football gnomes or visit the Gnome page.

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