Best Fairy Doors for Sale

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Fairy doors have been becoming more and more popular for quite some time, and now you can often see them on trees in the woods when you take a walk.  They have also been creeping indoors and many homes now have an indoor fairy door against the skirting board in a room in the house.

But what is a fairy door? It’s a miniature but fully formed and featured door where children can leave little notes for the fairies (and gnomes if they are around.)

Children and adults can imagine that the doors are a secret way into the fairy world. They are a way for fairies to travel between their world and ours safely and quickly.

Fairy Doors for Sale
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Fairy doors are an excellent way for children to explore their imagination and learn how to engage with their surroundings creatively. They can also help children improve their reading skills because they can read the sign on the door before entering another world and will be enthusiastic about reading any replies to the messages they leave.

Children can leave little notes behind the doors, and the fairies (or parents!) can respond to the messages.

Here are my suggestions for some of the best fairy doors for sale.
Please note: my selections focus on fairy doors for sale in the UK only.

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Resin fairy doors cabins 4 piece set

Solar Resin Fairy Door Cabin set
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Miniature fairy gnome house – Welcome fairies, gnomes and elves to your garden with this fairy door and windows! You can attach it to a tree trunk, put it in your fairy garden, a pot on the terrace, or as a mini tooth fairy door in the children’s room.

It glows in the dark – This fairy door for trees and outdoors is hand-painted and comprises realistic details and a natural forest look. It features two glow-in-the-dark windows that catch the sunlight during the day and give your garden a whimsical look at night. It looks magical hidden at the base of a tree or in the bushes for little ones to find.

It’s a miniature fairy door and windows. The mystical fairy house is made of high-quality resin that is strong and durable, and the pigment parts are coloured with eco-friendly and non-toxic paint that can be safely placed in any weather, indoors or outdoors.

There is a keyhole on the back of each door and window. This makes it so easy to hang on a tree or wherever you want in the garden.

Build magical doors so the fairies can come into your world. Attract all the gnomes and fairies to your DIY fairy garden by adding it with other supplies like fairy figurines, LED lights, steps, mini pots and planters, birdbaths, miniature furniture, plants, and sculptures, fairy houses, and other Irish or princess accessories. This fairy door window set is the perfect decoration.

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Glow in the dark fairy door set

Home Miniature Window and Door with Glitter Lamp Tree Face Outdoor Glow in Dark Fairies Sleeping Door and Windows Yard Garden Sculpture for Trees Decoration Garden Lawn Ornament (Mushroom Style)
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The fairies are searching for a home so hang this delicate natural wood colour door and 2 window set on the trees in your garden to invite gnomes and fairies to stay there.

These adorable miniature windows and doors are made of high quality resin. The 2 windows are coated with phosphorescent that absorb sunlight during the day and glow automatically at night

There is a keyhole cut into the back of each door and window, so you can easily hang them. You can install the lamp on the door and twist the cap to turn on the small lamp

Makes a delightful gift: the fairy figurines bring a whimsical feeling as well as new memories and mysteries for children, they will guess what the fairies looked like, how many lived there, what they wore and whether they sang and danced

Package contents: 1 door, 2 windows, door measures 6.4 x 5.1 inches in length and width, windows measure 3.2 x 3 inches in length and width, 1 small light bulb

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24 Pcs Unpainted Wooden Fairy Doors 

24 Pcs Unpainted Wooden Fairy Doors
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24 pieces of unpainted wood in the shape of mini fairy doors. Made from natural wood these wooden pieces come unpainted ready for you to decorate in the colours of your choice.

There are 4 different patterns of these wooden pieces. Three of the patterns measure 9.9cm x 6.75cm and the last one is 8.8cm x 6cm.

These wooden fairy door shapes, some with hollow windows cut out are very cute and will give a lot of fun. They are perfect to be decorated with felt tips, ink or paint.

You can easily make them up to decorate your parties, dances, ceremonies and any special occasion. Or you could hang them up to decorate your home and office. They are very charming ornaments and would add a cheerful element to any party.

They would make a fantastic gift for a young child interested in fairies and craft.

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Forest fairy door

Fairy Garden UK Purple Forest Fairy Door
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Simple but effective large purple forest fairy door.

Richly detailed in design, with decorative leaves, mushrooms, postbox and lamp.

17cm tall, it is made from a resin that is frost-proof.  This means you get to choose whether to place it outside or keep it in the house.

It’s a big hit with actual buyers, getting an overall 4.8 out of 5 over 184 reviews, so it has sold really well too.  82% of reviewers gave it 5 stars!

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Miniature Fairy Door for trees

Miniature Fairy Door for trees
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Better quality, and at a slightly higher selling price, this fairy door for sale is an extremely enchanting fairy door that you could put at the base of a tree, hang it on the trunk or set it in a rockery or at the foot of a wall.

Made of resin, it is built to last in an outdoor environment and would make a great gift for all ages interested in fairies, gnomes, elves or any mystical creatures.

It measures 4.7′(L)’ X 1.18” (W) X 5.7″ (H), a suitable size to fit in your fairy garden and it will sit well along with your funny gnomes, rude garden gnomes and all other garden accessories.

143 reviewers (which mean a lot more were sold) gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars. Fire up your little one’s imagination with this beautiful fairy door.

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Dragonfly Fairy Door

Miniature Dragonfly Fairy Door
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This fairy door is a really bright one that is sure to attract lots of fairies to your garden.  Brightly colored, it is beautifully detailed and adorned with flowers, bright purple porthole window and a large dragonfly.

Hand painted and made of top quality resin, it is nontoxic and weatherproof so you will have no problem putting outside in the garden.

It measures 6″ H X 5″ W and would be a great addition to your fairy garden.

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DIY wooden fairy doors for kids to decorate

Baker Ross AR220 Wooden Fairy Doors (Pack of 4) For Kids To Decorate and Personalise, 8.5cm x 11cm
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Fairy craft sets for children: What is hidden behind the fairy door? A magical world to explore! Little artists will love this original design, an empty wooden door that sparks their imagination. Place it on a tree or wall to let the fairies in.

Get creative: children can design and decorate these fairy ornaments with our decorative pens or acrylic paints (not included) and let their imagination run wild.

Multi-purpose crafting: This craft kit for kids is perfect for creating a project on their own. Ideal for school work, craft groups, DIY and much more.

Included in the package: 4 fairy doors made of 0.4 cm thick plywood (0.1 inch). Each door measures 8.5 x 11.5 cm (3.3 x 4.5 inches).

Made by experts: Baker Ross has been designing and supplying the best art and craft materials and toys for schools, groups and parents for over 40 years. All products comply with general product safety regulations and provide an age recommendation where appropriate.

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Fairy Doors FAQ

What exactly is a Fairy Door?

It depends on who you ask.

If you ask a child, they might tell you that a fairy door is a magical tunnel between this world and the fairy world that allows fairies to travel freely between the two.  There are fairy doors that open and a child can leave a note for the fairies behind the door.  Sometimes the fairies even send a message back!

If you ask a parent, they might tell you that a fairy door is a tool to spark their child’s thinking to help them develop creative imaginations. Parents often tell children that fairies are benevolent creatures that use their magical fairy powers to protect children from bad dreams and get them rewards for good behaviour.

In actual fact, fairy doors are miniature doors, whimsical, and magical. They can be used as a decoration for your garden, in your bedroom or as a gift.  They are often designed with flowers and other natural elements.  Sometimes you may find fairy doors and windows, surrounded by flowers, mushroom, grass and with a sign upon them.

Where would you find/put a Fairy Door?

Originally people would make diy fairy doors from rustic wood and they would tend to put the outside in the garden, perhaps set at the base of, or pinned to a tree trunk where a child could easily access it.  You might even set up a little fairy garden in some woodland.

Nowadays, of course, there are many fairy doors for trees that you can buy pre-made and ready for use.  These would normally be wooden fairy doors to withstand the elements but they may occasionally be made from metal or cast resin.

A fairly recent trend is to place one indoors, usually against a skirting board, perhaps in a child’s bedroom, or towards the foot of the stairs.

What types of Fairy Doors are there?

Fairy doors come in several different types including : –

Wooden Fairy Doors

These can be purchased online, or for more fun, you can make a diy fairy door.  Go for a wander in some woods with the kids and find some natural materials you can pin together to make the door.  Handmade fairy doors look very rustic and natural.  If you want to make your own fairy door, there is a lot of DIY tutorials on YouTube and other websites that will show you how to make a fairy door in just an hour or two!

Opening Fairy Doors

Some doors will open, allowing the child to look behind.  These will often be made of resin or metal, so as to make them a bit more durable and able to withstand slightly clumsy little hands.

Solar Fairy Doors

Ah yes, you can also buy many delightful solar fairy doors.  These have a solar panel to collect sunlight to a battery during the day and light up beautifully once it has gone dark. Outdoors, this type of door will bring delight to your little one in the winter as night comes on and the door comes to light.  Equally, they will light up in the dark of a child’s bedroom at night and can, combined with the stories of fairies taking away bad dreams, help your child to a happy, restful sleep.

Tooth Fairy Doors

I wasn’t really aware of these until I started to research for this article, but it’s quite obvious really.  Most children are aware of the tooth fairy and will lie awake excitedly for the tooth fairy with their newly excised tooth under the pillow.  You can save yourself some time and stress by placing a tooth fairy door somewhere easily accessible while the child is asleep.  Put the tooth behind the door with your child as they go to bed.  Lo and behold! in the morning there will be the requisite coin payment for the tooth.

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Fairy Door Folklore

Fairy doors have been around for centuries. They were first mentioned in the 16th century, when they were used as a way to ward off evil spirits. They were originally used to teach children about the life cycle of plants.  It wasn’t until the 20th century that they became more popular in America and England, where they were seen as a decoration or toy.

Fairies, themselves, also have a considerable body of folklore, especially in Ireland, where they began as less than friendly creatures.  In a poem titled “The Stolen Child” WB Yeats told of wicked fairies that would catch children and take them away to their own world.  Thankfully, today in Ireland they are happy creatures that travel between the worlds through Irish fairy doors to respond to children’s messages.

What are Ann Arbor Fairy Doors?

Ann Arbor is a city in Michigan, USA, where the fairy door phenomenon really caught on.  It began in 1993 when Jonathan and Kathleen Wright began to place fairy doors in the baseboards of their house, and then many more inside the house.  Later, in 2005, a public door was installed outside the Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea Shop, and then rapidly spread to other places through the city, delighting both locals and tourists.  The children would leave notes, gifts and sweets and wait for a response.  Often, they got the fairy response they wanted.

What is Lil Fairy Door?

Lil Fairy Door was a company started by Sally Copus after discovering fairy doors while researching ideas for a fairy party.  She started the company and it exceeded her dreams in sales and growth, approaching sales of $5m in 2016.

The stories her customers told her touched her deeply.  She told that parents had told her that their three year old had slept in their bed every night of their lives until they got a fairy door.  Children’s imagination had soared and the positive reinforcement in the fairy notes had helped their child overcome many fears.

In 2016 she went on Shark Tank and persuaded two of the sharks to pay $325,000 for a 20% stake of the business.

But something went wrong along the way as they are no longer in business.


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Fairy Doors for Sale Summary

I hope you found my article Fairy Doors for sale useful and interesting.  Please consider leaving a comment.  I’d love to know what you thought.

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