Fairy solar water fountains

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Fairy Solar Water Fountains Introduction

Fairy solar water fountain - Outdoor Garden Ornament
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Fairy solar water fountains are a great idea for people who don’t have any space for electric fountains. They also cost less than the electric models. The only downside to them is that they depend on the sun, so they need to be placed in a sunny area.

Fairy garden statues are a new trend in the industry. They are usually made of resin and come in various sizes and colors.  Fairy garden statues were originally created to be a home decoration. Nowadays, they can be found in gardens, parks, lawns or on the porch as well. The most popular fairy gardens are designed with the theme of “enchanted.”

The sun’s warmth will make the water bubble and flow down into the basin below, giving the impression that the water is flowing from a natural spring. Solar-powered statues are also aesthetically pleasing because they don’t take up much space and do not create any noise or pollution like an electric fountain

PS2 – My collections focus on Fairy solar water fountains in the UK.

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Fairy Solar Water Fountains – My Selection

Solar Fairy Leaf Garden Water Feature

Smart Garden Solar Fairy Leaf Garden Water Feature Fountain
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Relax in your garden and listen to the gentle lapping of the water in this beautifully designed fairy solar water fountain feature that doubles as a bird bath and will bring plenty of birds to your garden..

Watch the water gently flow down from the flower in her hands.

This solar fountain couldn’t be easier to install. You don’t need to worry yourself with the cost and complications of mains wiring as the solar panel generates all the electricity you need for the ornament.

All you need to do is place the fountain in a sunny spot, fill it with water and off you go. The high-quality resin construction is UV and frost resistant, so it’s better able to withstand the elements.

This whimsical fountain is finished with a bronze effect.

Height:35cm x Width:34cm x Depth:34cm

Solar Fairy Leaf Garden Water Feature



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Elf Fairy Rainfall Fountain

Smart Solar Elvedon Fairy Rainfall Garden Water Feature Fountain
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This beautiful fairy garden ornament features gently cascading water and appears as a rainfall shower.  It uses a low voltage pump that uses solar power to endlessly recirculate water from the main reservoir around the ornament.

It’s easy to install and requires no mains power or wiring so you can position it anywhere.  Best to place it in a spot where it will be in direct sunlight so as to charge the battery via the integrated solar panel.

Gets great reviews at Amazon from customers who actually bought the product.

Elf Fairy Rainfall Fountain



Pixie Fairy Garden Fountain

Solar Water Fountain - Pixie Fairy Garden Decor Fountain - Outdoor Water Feature
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This beautiful fairy solar water statue brings the water music of cascading, dripping leaves in this angelic water fountain that is sure to be the crowning glory of your garden decor.

A winged fairy figure sharing her sparkling, watery gift of life-giving water rests atop this pedestal fountain, creating a calming atmosphere as her waterfall cascades down three tiers into a wide basin.

This is a low maintenance outdoor garden decoration. Hand-cast from real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin, our easy-to-set-up water fountains require no additional plumbing and feature adjustable, UL-approved indoor fountain pumps. Simply assemble, fill with water so the pump is fully submerged, and plug into a standard electrical outlet. Now enjoy the sounds of water music!

This perfectly sized water fountain for your lawn, patio or outdoor decor measures 14 ” diameter x 23 “H. 12 lbs. This fountain includes a 60 GPH (gallon per hour) fountain pump. Cast in high quality designer resin with a stone finish.

An exclusive item from the Design Toscano brand, this fairy solar water fountain will be the thing in your patio, lawn or garden decor that everyone looks at.



Fairy Pot Solar water Feature

Garden Mile Solar Water Fountain Magical Fairy Pots Water Feature Garden Solar Water Statue Ornament Waterfall Decorative Outdoor Patio Cascading
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This attractive and intricate water feature will add charm and an eye-catching effect to any area of your garden or outdoor space. The gently cascading waterfall effect provides a lovely sound and a feeling of relaxation.

This beautiful solar water feature is powered by the sun via a solar panel attached to a ground stake. Make sure the solar panel is facing the sun and the fountain runs by itself.  A low-voltage solar pump keeps the water circulating from the main pool.

The water play garden is made of lightweight resin and hand-painted. It works by having an integrated solar panel that will recharge in direct sunlight.  Simply pour some water into the pool of your solar water play garden and when charged, the fairy fountain will run and recycle the same water over and over again!

It is very easy to install and use as there are  no mains wiring! The solar powered water feature creates a peaceful atmosphere in your garden with the sound of trickling water.

This charming fairy pot water feature measures approximately 45 x 31 x 28.5 cm. But take care during the winter.  If left outside frost will cause damage to the pot.  To be safe, store the whole product indoors in cold weather.




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Fairy and Lily Cascading Water Fountain

Smart Garden Liliana Cascade Solar Powered Water Feature Fountain
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This very pretty fairy and lily combination water feature would be a beautiful addition to your outside space, whether that’s a garden, balcony, patio or conservatory.

The water cascades down through the two flowers into the rock pool and endlessly recycles, meaning you won’t have totop it up too often.

No mains wiring or running costs.  Position the solar panel so that it points at the sun so that it can catch the direct sunlight.  As long as the sun shines, the fountain will flow freely, giving off a pleasing and relaxing sound.

It is appprox 45cm high x 32cm wide and 27cm deep and has a one year guarantee.

Treat yourself to it for your garden or it would make a great gift for someone who takes pride in their garden.



Water Feature Cleaner

HYDRA Fountain Clear – Best Water Feature Cleaning Fountain Cleaner Treatment Keeps Water Crystal Clear from Algae, Green Water, Biofilm Build-up 250ml Treats 7,500L Highest Dilution Rates
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If you are buying, or have, some kind of water feature for your garden, don’t let it be ruined by algae which taints it and discolours the water.

This cleaner is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor water features all year round, saves hours of manual cleaning of your system. Quickly removes algae in water features, slime deposits in fountains and water features.  Total protection against algae and green water in all recirculating water systems, simply shock dose the system to clean the water in a few days.

It is non-foaming and safe to use on all types of materials such as stones, resin, metals including stainless steel and brass and it has a shelf life of 3 years.

For water feature maintenance, use this fountain cleaner that completely sterilises the water and prevents harmful bacteria. Effective against legionella.



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Fairy Solar Water Fountains Summary

I hope you enjoyed my selection of beautiful fairy solar water features for the garden.  If you did, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Also check out my selection of miniature fairy garden kits or outdoor fairy garden houses.  If you want to try something other than fairies, see my rude garden gnomes or large garden gnomes.

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