Garden Gnomes Attack


If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if garden gnomes attack, keep watching. But, be advised, it ain’t pretty.    Please share this video for the safety of gnome owners everywhere.

Real Police Footage – Garden Gnomes Attack


If you’ve ever been in your garden, enjoying your garden gnome collection, you may have considered their purpose and nature. They seem such peaceful, hardworking folk. But have you ever considered they may have a dark side?

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Have you ever asked yourself are gnomes real? And if you consider they might be, are gnomes evil? And what would happen if Garden Gnomes Attack?

This video answers those questions and I should warn it is very disturbing, and should be avoided by the faint of heart.

This appears to be a genuine police video from 2010 in a place called Daffodil County. I’m not sure whether it was officially published by the police, or if it was unofficially leaked from within the department. Either way it is all over the internet now and has been viewed by millions of people. Nor do we have any indication of the subsequent lives of the two unfortunate policemen involved if, indeed, they even survived.

The video starts off with an image of a regular night’s work for the pair. They are patrolling the area, chatting and listening to the radio. Little do they know the horror and carnage that is about to be unleashed upon them.

Then, at 37 seconds, something makes the policeman driving turning off the road. Perhaps he had caught sight of the tail lights of the car which comes into view a few seconds later. As they approach the car, the headlights of the patrol car light up the rear of the car. The hazard lights are flashing and the driver’s door is open.

One policeman goes over to check the car. At first nothing causes him concern, but then he notices what he thinks is an injured animal in the car.

Suddenly he is dragged into the car by something we cannot see and he thrashes about in the car, his torchlight flailing through the interior of the car.

The other patrolmen rushes from the car to the aid of his colleague and comes into view. As he approaches the rear of the car, the boot springs open and what is clearly a GANG OF SCARY GARDEN GNOMES rush forth from the boot of the car and begin to attack him.

They push him onto the bonnet of the patrol car and easily overpower him, dragging him to the ground in a frenzy of low growling. From the disgusting sounds captured by the car’s audio, it is a blessing that we cannot see what is going on. But your imagination can fill in the gaps for you.

The legs of the first policeman finally fall still and a gnome is seen to casually jump from the vehicle and stroll to join his chums.

I deliberated a long time before reporting this disturbing gnome video, but eventually decided it was for the public good to further highlight the possibility that gnomes are not the peaceful garden ornaments we used to think they were, but that gnomes come alive at night and that gnomes are evil.

Please SHARE this video with your friends and family who need to be made aware of such developments, especially if they have a garden gnome collection. They should start to be vigilant for signs of unusual activity, especially at night. If they hear anything outside, DO NOT APPROACH THE GNOMES YOURSELF. Call for help and do not go outside.

Sleep well.


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