Garden Gnome Couples to add love to your garden

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garden gnome couples

You might not think it but gnomes get lonely too so there are many garden gnome couples.

They have an image of being very grumpy and short tempered but in reality many are loving and caring.

And once a gnome man and a gnome lady find their perfect match, nothing can separate them in their love.

I have looked around to find the very best gnome couples on the internet today and they are below.

Of course some of them also belong to rude garden gnomes, or female garden gnomes, and you can get many bride and groom gnomes.

Take a look and see what you think.

PS – My article focuses on garden gnome couples in the UK.

===> You can see some garden gnome couples in the USA here

Gnome couples in the rain

Gnome couples in the rain
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This lovely looking gnome couple will certainly brighten up your garden and create a talking point for your visitors.

Dressed in their green and red raincoats respectively, they shelter together from the rain under a teeny tiny red umbrella. Their bright demeanour is reflected in their very bright red and yellow wellies.

This garden statue ornament is made from polyresin and has been painted by hand to a very fine detailing.

In terms of size, they are about 27cm high x 17cm wide x 11cm deep.

There are just a couple of reviews but the reveiwers basically said it was exactly as expected and was well received.

It would make a great gift for a gardener for the garden but could easily be placed indoors as an ornament.

===> Gnome couples in the rain details <===


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Cute Garden Gnome couple sitting on a bench


Cute Gnome Couple Sat On Bench Garden Ornament
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Just look at this beautiful gnome couple!

Sitting on a bench in their garden, they huddle up really close as they are in love.

The gnome man is very traditional with his lustrous white bushy beard, tunic, black belt and black wellies. He departs from the traditional in that his jacket isn’t red, nor is his hat. But he does look really well co-ordinated and very happy and in love with his gnome bride.

The gnome lady fits the stereotype too, wearing a fetching green dress and dark green clogs. She holds a posy of flowers and has a wistful smile on her face like someone in love with their man.

Both have a buzzy bee on their hat.

They are made of a durable polyresin and measure 44cm high x 33cm wide x 23cm deep.

They would make a great gift and would bring colour and love to any garden, whether the receiver is a gnome fan or not.

===>More about the cute garden gnome couple sitting on a bench <===

Mr and Mrs Wedding Anniversary Gift gnomes – 30th pearl


Wedding Anniversary mr and mrs Gift gnome Figurines
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If you are looking for an unusual gift for a wedding anniversary, you won’t go wrong with these wedding anniversary gnomes.

These two would be a gift for a 30th anniversary, which is pearl.

They are both about 7 inches in height and are completely hand painted and finished with a

Mr gnome is dressed quite everyday and carries a pint and his paper. But mrs gnome is dressed much more glamorously, carrying her silk flowers and wearing beautiful pearls.

The best thing about these gnomes that makes them a brilliant gift for an anniversary is that the seller is willing to personalise them by putting names of your choice on the hats. Personalised gnomes!

If you give these as a gift, many people will choose to keep them indoors, which is great as they are a lovely indoor ornament. But please advise the giftee that if they put them outside, they should try to put them in a shelterd place to avoid any damage to the glazing.

A fab gift for a wedding anniversary, particularly if the couple love their garden and/or garden gnomes.

===> See the reviews and decide for yourself <===

If 30th isn’t the wedding anniversary you’re looking for, there are other personalised anniversary gnomes too, 35th, 40th etc

===> See all the anniversary gnomes to get one to suit you<===

Beach themed gnome couple with flamingoes


Beach Themed Gnome Couple With Flamingos (Twin Pack)
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This pair are unusual amongst garden gnome couples in that they keep flamingoes!

I don’t know where they live but it must be warm because they are barely dressed and don’t look traditional gnome in many ways.

However, their gnome heritage is given away by his bushy beard, her plaited gnome hairstyle and they pointy gnome hats.

Apart from the hat, he is wearing only a pair of deep green shorts, lime green flip flops and a big smile.

Apart from her hat, she wears only a skimpy yellow bikini, proudly displaying her generous gnome midriff.

Unusually, both are holding a flamingo! His flamingo is red but her flamingo is a more usual pink.

Both flamingoes look perfectly happy being held and may be in love, as are obviously our gnome couple.

They are made of a ployresin that is durable and measure about 22cm high x 10cm wide x 3.9cm deep.

They would bring great colour to any garden and would make a great gift. Plus, they are noy joined so you can arrange them how you like to fit your garden layout.

Or they would be suitable as an indoor garden ornament.

===> See more of the beach themed gnome couple and the price! <===


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Gnome couple sitting on a toadstool

Direct Global Trading Cute Gnome Couple on Toadstool Garden Ornament
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I don’t know about you but this delightful couple seem to be more leprechaun than gnome!

For one thing, their colouring is more the garden green of the leprechaun than the red and black of the gnome.

For another, their hats aren’t pointy like a gnome’s but are instead a funnty shape – just like a leprechaun’s!!!

Plus, his beard isn’t a full gnome beard and ‘tash, it’s a shaved below the mouth half beard, just like a leprechaun’s.

Okay, they are leprechauns and maybe shouldn’t be on a page about garden gnome couples. But they are so cute, I’m going to leave them in.

They cuddle close, clearly in love and he puts a reassuring hand on her arm while she holds a mushroom.

Made of a durable resin and measuring about 25cm high x 11cm wide x 11cm deep and would look great in any garden or home.

===> More about the gnome couple sitting on a toadstool <===

Fairy garden gnome couple

Big Lots!, Inc. Fairy Garden Gnome Couple
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This gnome couple should only be bought to go in your fairy garden as they are quite small.

I get the feeling if tyou put them in your garden they would be completely lost.

They look good – although he looks true to gnome nature ie grumpy – but I can’t determine exactly how small they are.

They are a lovely colour in their navy blue dress and tunic and his red hat really stands out.

But there is another picture on the site thats shows them in a fairy garden scene and they look an appropriate size for a fairy garden.

The man helpfully holds a sign declaring “Fairy Garden” in case your visitors don’t know what they are looking at!

===> More about the fairy garden gnome couples so you can decide for yourself <===

Garden Gnome Biker Couple (Born To Ride Biker Dude)


Garden Gnome Biker Couple (Born To Ride Biker Dude)
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I really wanted to include a biker garden gnome couple in the selection but I’m a bit confused by this product.

I love that these are a biker gnome couple and they really fit the biker image.

He is wearing a leather vest emblazoned with “Born to ride” and leather chaps up to his riding boots. He wears motorcycle gloves, cool blue shades and is holding a can of gnome brew. His usual red cap is black. He has a heart tattoo on his arm.

She wears a black declaring her to be a biker babe, and she is every bit of one. Leather bra – no shirt! – jeans and leather chaps too down to her black boots. She has a black studded choker around her neck and a blue one around her arm.

I think they are great but I can’t figure out if they are selling two biker gnomes or just the one. The description says it’s a couple but then puts (Born to Ride Biker Dude) after it, which makes me think it might just be the man.

After reading the reviews here [link] I think it might just be the man.

===> Garden Gnome Biker Couple <===


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I hope you enjoyed my curation of these garden gnome couples.  Let me know what you think – it would be brilliant to hear from you.



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  1. Hi my husband turns 50 on the 25th April he’s desperate for a Union Jack gnome I have been looking on your website and wondered if u have one

    1. Hi, sorry for the very late reply. When I got your comment I looked around for a Union Jack Gnome but couldn’t find one anywhere. I then forgot to email you back to let you know. My sincerest apologies for that. I hope you found one in the end. Regards, Carl

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