Fishing Garden Gnomes for a happy garden

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Fishing Garden Gnomes will make your garden a Happy Place

Fishing Garden GnomesIf you want your garden to be a happy place, then you could do much worse than place fishing garden gnomes there.

You see, we imagine gnomes to be short, chubby creatures who never get involved in any sport.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact many gnomes are active creatures and the shirt stretched across their sizeable bellies would be much bigger if they didn’t take the time to take part in sport.

Check out these footballing garden gnomes here to see some true sporting gnomes.

But my collection of fishing garden gnomes uk on this page involves sport but not much activity.

The sport is fishing and it involves putting your float and hook in the water and waiting for a fish to bite, It’s really not that athletic.

So, let’s get on with looking at the gnomes!

But please note that my collection lists fishing garden gnomes uk.

Click here to fishing garden gnomes in the USA!

Humpty the Fishing Gnome

Humpty the Fishing Gnome
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Humpty is a proud, good looking fishing garden gnome who spends all his days fishing.  One of the better looking fishing garden gnomes.

This garden gnome with fishing rod looks splendid in his bright red hat and britches, forest green jacket and shiny black wellies.

If you look carefully, you will see that he carries his important bits and pieces – phone, keys and wallet – in a black bum-bag type thing on his back.

As he fishes, he sits astride a wall that seems to be circular and might even be the entrance to a well. Be careful Humpty, don’t fall in!

He is made of concrete and handpainted using special acrylic paints designed to be used outside.

He is also frost proof.

The company that makes him – Pixieland – have a long tradition of producing quality garden ornaments for over seventy years.

Gnaughty the Skinny Fishing Gnome

Gnaughty the Skinny Fishing Gnome
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We all know fishing garden gnomes can be a bit cheeky but it’s easy to see just how cheeky this little fella is.

You can see both his cheeks!

He loves to fish but he also likes to hang around in the altogether.

Naked, nude, in the buff. Lets say it how it is.

He is a naked fishing gnome.

But he obviously knows what he is doing – he’s caught a fish and it isn’t a tiddler.

Made from resin and hand finished in exquisite detail by a company called Vivid Arts.

He is part of a new range entitled “Miniature World”, from which you will deduce that he isn’t very big.

He measures 5cm long x 3.2cm wide x 5cm high.

This guy is uitable for indoor and outdoor use so he would fit in in either a little spot in the garden or in a montage or fairy garden in your conservatory.

Heck – put him on your desk and you’ll always have something to talk about with your visitors!

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William the sitting fishing gnome

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William is one of our special fishing gnomes that loves to dip his toes in the pond.

He uses his toes as bait to entice the fish to come close to his real bait for an easy catch.

He is traditional in design wearing a red hat and sporting a luxurious white beard.

His jacket is traditional forest green but he doesn’t wear long trousers as they would get wet in the pond. Instead he wears a pair of bright red shorts.

Hand made from concrete and hand painted using special acrylic paints designed to stand the outdoor gnome environment. Made by Pixieland who have made quality garden ornaments since 1947.

He measures approx 26.5cm high x 14cm long x 9cm deep (the length includes the over hang of his legs.)

He would make a great present for a gnome fan or fishing enthusiast.


Large Standing Fly Fisherman Gnome – Albert B06XQZ6R68

Large Standing Fly Fisherman Gnome
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This fine gnome specimen is yet another production from those great people at Pixieland.

They seem to have cornered the market in fishing gnomes for sale uk.

But this time they have GONE LARGE!

He weighs in at approx 37cm high x 10cm deep x 7.5cm deep.

Albert fit the specification of the traditional – and Pixieland – gnomes from his head to his toe.

Red hat, long white beard, green coat, red trousers, black wellies and black satchel.

He stands to cat his line into the water over an over again, as you do in fly fishing.

Made from concrete, he will easily last the outdoor environment due to the special acrylic paint.

He would make a great gift.

PS – If you particularly like them big, check out my large garden gnomes here.


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Sitting Fishing Gnome – Toby

Sitting Fishing Gnome - Toby
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Toby is yet another Pixieland fisherman gnome.

He is an old and experienced gnome who knows that fishing is a long game.

You can’t just chuck your hook in the water and hope to catch your dinner in five minutes.

Sometimes it takes hours, and he knows it might.

So he takes his fishing sitting down, fishing rod in hand. And he always gets his catch.

As with all the other Pixieland gnomes, he is very traditional, made from concrete, hand painted with external acrylic paint and is frost proof.

Would make a great present.


These Fishing Gnomes are sadly out of stock……

I’m sorry but my gnomes sometimes go out of stock.

These guys (or gals) have gone out of stock at some stage and so have moved into this section.

But, click the green button at the bottom of each – they may be back in stock and I haven’t noticed!


If you haven’t seen anything you like here, you may see something good in my funny garden gnomes collection.

That finishes my selection of Fishing Garden Gnomes UK for now.  I hope you liked them.  If you did, please consider leaving a comment.  It would be great to hear your opinion.

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