Female Garden Gnomes (Lady Garden Gnomes you will want to own)

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Lady Gnome "Flower Child" Garden Gnome Statue 12H
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When we think about Garden Gnomes, we mostly imagine them as male, but there are also a huge number of attractive female garden gnomes you can buy today.

These lady garden gnomes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are demure and homely girl gnomes and some are definitely on the rude side.

This is my round up of some of the best female gnome figurines on the market today.  I hope you will find it interesting to check out.

Click on images to find out more about any that catch your eye and feel free to pin any to Pinterest for later, if that’s your thing.

Please note my round up is of female garden gnomes uk.

If you are a visitor from the USA, please click here to see female garden gnomes in the USA.

Crazy Cat Lady Garden Gnome

Bigmouth BMGA-0013 Big Mouth Gnome Crazy Cat Lady, Multi
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One of the wierder lady gnomes on sale at the moment, this woman gnome is very well thought of, judging from the positive reviews at Amazon.

About 9 inches tall, she is brightly painted with a traditional red gnome hat, salmon coloured jacket and black wellington boots.

She is also covered in cats and carries a vacant and crazy expression!

She has 2 reviews at Amazon.co.uk and 7 at Amazon.com.  Interestingly, all 7 reviews were 5 star and the comments were extremely favourable.

She would make a great gift for any gnome lovers you may know, or perhaps for any crazy cat lady you may know.

And let’s be honest, we all know one.



Prim and Proper Woman Gnome


Mandy Garden Gnome, Break-Resistant PVC, Pink, Made in Germany
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This is one of the demure female garden gnomes for sale.

Cute, good looking and dressed like the gnome next door in pink crop jacket, blue jeans with a huge belt buckle (her name is Mandy) and stacked shoes.  Her blonde hair is tied in pig-tailed and topped with a traditional red gnomes hat.

Her cheeks are red and her eye makeup is a bit garish.  She is reminiscent of an outlandish Gnome Country Rock star!

This gnome is about 12 inches long and is made from weatherprrof and unbreakable PVC.  She is also double varnished which protects her from being damaged by the sun.

At the time of wriring she has 8 reviews and all of them are 5 stars with absoltely gushing positive review.

This girl garden gnome will not disappoint.




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Rude Female Garden Gnome

Dwarf Reclining Nude with Blue Hat 23 cm Figure FKK Garden Gnome Women
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Okay, okay!  I accept this female lawn gnome is a bit risque and definitely a bit rude.

(See loads more rude garden gnomes here if that is your thing!)

This great lady gnome is a real eye catcher and will make you smile every time you go in the garden if you dare to buy her and put her in your garden.

The sun is out and this outrageous girl gnome statue is quite prepared to let it all hang out so as to get a great tan.

Topless, this lady garden gnome only wears a teeny pair of blue bikini bottoms, green flip flops, traditional red gnome hat, sunglasses and a massive smile, she looks completely at ease.

Which may not be true for your visitors when they see her!

She is approx 23 cm and is made from polyresin.

Would make a great gag gift for anyone with an interest in their garden and garden gnomes.



Girl Gnomes who serve (and drink?) alcohol

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Now, gnomes are just like people in that sometimes they fancy a little drink.

Perhaps they are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary?   Maybe they’ve have just had a bad week at work and it’s their way to relax?

This is the lady gnome they all come to.

And what is a female gnome called who serves drinks? –  This one is called Ciderella!

Dressed in traditional gnome garb, red hat, red dress with green sleeves, black wellington boots and of course a serving pinny, she is a sight for sore eyes for many a thirsty gnome.  She holds an ale tankard teasingly at her back and has a cask of best scrumpy cider at her feet, ready to dispense.

This serving gnome is made by those jolly people at Pixieland who have been producing female garden statues, amongst other things, since 1947.  Imagine that – 70 years of experience.

She is made in Devon which explains her passion for cider.

Made of concrete, she is hand made and painted with outdoor acrylic paints that help her remain frost-proof.

She would look great inside or out and would be a great addition for anyone with their own home bar, or and gnome loving gardener.



Dominatrix Female Garden Gnome Statue



Mrs. Wally dwarf silicone, 30 cm, dwarf, gnome, plastic
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This is without doubt an extremely naughty lady gnome.

Dressed in a slinky black dress which is cut away at the back to show off her booty. She carries a whip to punish those naughty gnomes that would dare to be clients of hers.

The dress is extremely low at the front so that her lady gnome boobs are on show and can shine in the sun.

She is made in Germany from a weatherproof and unbreakable PVC.  This is ideal for outdoor use but she would also cut a fine figure indoors, in a conservatory or sun room.

Approximately 12 inches tall.

Double varnished using a child-safe varnish she will grace any garden for many years.

But it may take a brave gardener to actually put her on display!

She would make a great gag gift for anyone with a garden they love to show off.

She is actually a rude garden gnome and you can see  more rude garden gnomes here.

Click below to get her today.

Mrs. Wally dwarf silicone, 30 cm, dwarf, gnome, plastic










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Selfie Sister Gnomes

BigMouth Selfie Sisters Garden Gnomes
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These selfie sister gnomes provide a modern take on the gnome tradition.

Undisguisedly social they take their selfie which will no doubt end up on Gnome Facebook or Instagram.

You can also see this female gnome pair the on funny garden gnomes here.



Lady Gnomes – Gone but not forgotten

Sometimes some of the lady garden gnomes in my curated collection go out of stock and don’t look as if they are coming back.

But they are so lovely, I don’t want to delete them just in case.

So I put them here.  Click the link to see if you are lucky and if they are back in stock.  Good Luck!

Meditating Female Lawn Gnome

Meditating Female Lawn Gnome
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I really like this lady out of all the female gnomes for sale on this post.

The design is really unusual and unique and provides something different for the gnome lover that has seen everything.

Our meditating girl gnome is called Samantha and she would appeal to any gardener and also anyone interested in zen, yoga or meditation.  Just one look at her and you will be reminded to be mindful and in the moment.

With a peaceful expression, red cap incorporating the yin and yang logo and peaceful green dress, she demonstrates how best to achieve inner peace.

Made from a weatherproof polyresin material she has been hand painted with love and it really shows.

This outdoor garden figurine would look just as good inside the house, in a conservatory or sun room, in your porch or on the desk in your office.

Buy it for yourself for your zen place or as a gift for a friend or loved one interested in yoga, meditation or mindfulness.




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Thanks for checking out my roundup of female garden gnomes.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Let me know!  It would be great to hear from you.

Cheers, Carl

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    1. Hi Jen – No, sorry. She has been out of stock everywhere for a while. If I see it in stock anywhere I’ll let you know. Regards, Carl

  1. Joanne Falardeau

    I’m desperate to find Mandy, she resembles my sister in law!
    I want it for her birthday but can’t find a site with it in stock.
    Any idea where I could get her?

    1. Hi Joanne,
      Sorry but she seems to be out of stock everywhere I can look.
      I found an article about her from 2015 so she has been around for a while and Gnomes often go out of fashion in that time.
      Sorry I can’t help and I hope you find something suitable for her.
      Regards, Carl

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