Traditional Garden Gnomes

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Traditional Garden Gnomes

Whenever anyone mentions traditional garden gnomes, almost everyone will have the same image come into their mind.

They have familiar characteristics and the traditional male garden gnomes have their quirks and features, with traditional female garden gnomes equally well known.

The traditional male gnomes all dress and look the same. Tall red hat, green tunic, red britches and black wellies or boots. They usually sport a long white beard and often have red cheeks.

The traditional female gnomes also have a trademark look. Red hat, also tall, long dress, sometimes red,sometimes green and boots. Often their white hair is in pigtails. They too often have red cheeks – perhaps it’s the wine!  You can see some Lady Garden Gnomes here.

I have curated a number of traditional gnomes and presented them here for your delight. I hope you like them.

PS – My collection lists Traditional Garden Gnomes in the UK.

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Barnaby Traditional Garden Gnome


Pixieland Traditional Garden Gnome ~ Barnaby with his bag full or apples from the orchard
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This guy is the absolute epitomy of traditional.

He fits the image perfectly in the way he is dressed and looks and he carries a bag full of apples he has picked from the orchard.

He has been busy picking all day to ensure that all his fellow gnomes can practice healthy eating. This fruit will be eaten as is, or baked into pies or brewed into gnome scrumpy cider.

Made in concrete by an established manufacturer, this guy is hand made and painted with acrylic paints designed for outdoor use. This makes him frost proof which means he will look good for a long time.

He measures 12.5 inches high x 3 inches wide x 5.5 inches long.

Full of character, he would make a great present for any garden gnome fan.




Bemused Garden Gnome

Traditonal Curious Gnome Garden decoration, garden gnome
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This gnome is called Curious, and I can only think that is because of the expression on his face.

Standing about with his arms behids his back, he carries a quizzical bemused look not often seen on garden gnomes.

They are sometimes angry looking but not this fella. He seems happy and benign.

He even breaks tradition by being dressed in a BLUE tunic. What a rebel!

Made from high quality polyresin he is suitable for indoors or outdoors. It might pay, though, if you brought him inside during frosty months. It will keep him warm and looking his best.

He measures approximately 23cm tall x 10cm wide x 10cm deep.

A thoroughly lovely garden ornament, this gnome is very popular with previous buyers. He has 44 reviews so has probably sold many times. He got an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.




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Set of 4 Old-fashioned Gnomes

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Everyone who visits the garden will love and be impressed by this collection of old- fashioned traditional gnomes.

Each one has a bright smiley face and a character of their own.

These four mates are handcast in reconstituted stone in the workshops of the manufacturer.

They are hand painted in bright colours with a high quality masonry paint that is designed to keep your gnomes looking good for a long time.

Each happy guy is about 30cm tall and, at about 4 kilos in weight, isn’t going to fall over in the wind easily.

There was only one review at Amazon but it was a five start review! The buyer was delighted and made special mention of the fact that they were really well packaged for transit. That just adds to the picture that these are quality products from a quality manufacturer who cares.

You won’t regret buying them, for yourself or as a present.



Oliver Garden Ornament with lantern

Pixieland Traditional Garden Gnome Ornament ~ Oliver with Lantern ~ Handmade in the UK
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Many gnome statues have some sort of accessory and this guy comes with a very traditional accessory – a lantern.

His name is Oliver and it has been his duty for many, many years to go ahead of visitors when it is dark and light the way safely with his lantern.

Made in Devon by Pixieland he carries a certain unique character that will make him stand out in your garden.

He is stone cast which means he is strong and durable and will be very hard wearing. Painted with outdoor paint he will stay looking good for a long time and is also frost proof.

In terms of size, he is quite a large gnome at 36 cm high x 12cm x 10cm wide.

He would make a great gift for any gardener.

PS – see solar garden gnomes that light up at night here




Garden Gnome in his car

Pixieland Traditional Garden Gnome Ornament ~ Car Driver ~ Nester ~ Handmade at
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This gnome is an extremely unusual traditional-style gnome that you won’t see very often.

Nester is the local delivery man and delivers to all the local gnome villages in his little delivery car.

He is sturdily made from concrete and hand painted with outdoor paint which leaves him brightly coloured and frost proof.

He measures 33cm tall x 39cm long (including the car!) x 20cm wide.

He is actually only made when you place an order for him so you need to order in good time if it is agift as it could take 10 days to arrive.

Give him as a gift to someone with local rivals for the best garden and you will get unbelievable gratitude.




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H2 Traditional Football Gnome

Pixieland Garden Traditional Gnome Footballer Ornament ~ Stanley handmade in the UK
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There are planty of football garden gnomes on my specialist page but this guy definitiely qualifies as a more traditional football gnome and deserves to be here.

Made by Pixieland in Devon, Stanley is stone cast to make sure he is strong, hard wearing and built to last. Hand painted with a specialist outdoor acrylic paint to keep him bright and looking good for ages.
He can withstand the frost.

Sizewise, he is 12 cm high x 16.5cm long x 12cm wide.

Stanley is always ready for a kickabout in your garden and will appeal to football fans and garden lovers everywhere.

But please note he is made to order and may take a couple of weeks to arrive. If he is to be a present, make sure you order in plenty of time for the occasion.



If you don’t like him, see  more football garden gnomes here.

Wheelbarrow Willie Gnome Bird Feeder

Design Toscano Wheelbarrow Willie Garden Gnome Statue Bird Feeder, 30 cm, Polyresin, Full Color
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Garden gnomes traditionally work very hard and this is a prime example of a hard working gnome.

Whhelbarrow Willie is always ready to get on with his yard chores and happily carries his wheelbarrow about to help him.

With his lovely tall red hat, green tunic and trousers and black boots, he really looks the part. His luscious white beard completed the picture.

He is a high quality ornament, intricately cast in crushed stone in designer resin and hand painted one piece at a time by gifted artists. The level of detail in his face, beard and clothes make him stand out.

He measures 9 inches wide x 5 inches deep x 12 inches tall and weighs about 2lb, or 1kg.

This gnome would look great on any lawn area and his wheelbarrow can be filled with seed so you can enjoy bird visits too.




So that’s my collection of traditional garden gnomes. I hope you liked them – if you did, leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


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